Treating Back-To-School Stains

It’s back to school season and that means that your kids’ clothes will become magnets for smears, smudges, and stains. The school classrooms, cafeterias, and playgrounds are all potential traps for stains. As a parent, you’ll have to be responsible for the removal of these stains. 


Know your child’s timetable 

By knowing when they have art class or when they have P.E. you’ll know which clothing to send them in. Send them with an apron for art class to avoid paint stains and send “old” t-shirts for P.E. to avoid stains in those classes. 


Read the care labels on clothing 

Before attempting to clean stains yourself, read the care instructions carefully. We’ve already written an article about what each sign means in order to help you out. 


Don’t rub or use water on the stain 

This is the first step most people do when they see a stain on their children’s clothing. By rubbing the stain, you’ll just force it further into the fabric.  


Avoid any ‘quick fix’ solutions 

These usually remove the surface dirt which allows the stain to settle and become more permanent in the fabric fibres. This will simply cause the stain to reappear after a short time. 


When in doubt, ask 

If you’re unsure about anything, don’t treat it yourself. Take it to the professionals at Portughes Dry Cleaning for the best laundry and dry cleaning treatment possible.  


Let the specialists at Portughes Dry Cleaning help you keep your children’s school uniforms and clothes looking as good as new the whole year round. Contact us today by calling on +356 2144 4444 to book your FREE pick-up and delivery service. 

All our team wishes you and your family a safe and successful scholastic year!  


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