High Maintenance, Low Maintenance: How to Wash Different Types of Materials

When it comes to washing clothes, it’s not about just dumping them all in the washing machine and hoping for the best. Different materials require different levels of care, with some needing extra attention. As a leading launderette in Malta, our attentive team at Portughes dry cleaning shares some tips on the proper washing of some materials.


1. Silk

Widely regarded as one of the most luxury fabrics on the planet, silk is one of the most delicate textiles and thus need to be treated with care. You can hand wash such clothes by gently agitating them in cold water for 3-5 minutes, using gentle detergents specifically designed for silk, however, you’re probably best off taking silk items to a reliable dry cleaning company.


2. Denim

If you choose to wash your denim in a washing machine, turn the pieces of clothing inside out and wash at a low temperature. Jeans should never be tumble dried, rather, they should be left to dry naturally outside.


3. Linen

As the weather gets hotter, linen shoots to the top of our must-have materials; it’s cooler against our skin and allows it to breathe more easily. The good news is this material -made of natural fibre – is pretty easy to launder. Simply use a mild detergent and wash at a moderate to cool temperature. To avoid excessive creasing, remove the clothes from the washing machine immediately once the cycle is finished, and hang outside to dry.


4. Wool

To keep your woolen garments looking and feeling good, first of all, wash them less frequently. Turn the garment inside out and soak it in cold water before putting it in the washing machine. If there isn’t a specific wool setting on the machine, run it on a delicates cycle, which will be at a lower temperature and slower spin to stop the fabric from unravelling, and be sure to use a gentle detergent. Furthermore, avoid tumble drying wool as this will cause it to shrink or lose its shape.


5. Cotton

By far the easiest material to wash, the only thing to be careful about is the temperature you wash it in. While whites can be washed in hot water, others are best washed at 30 degrees to prevent colours from running.


6. Nylon/Polyester

Much like cotton, these two materials don’t require any special care when washing. 30-40 degrees is the ideal temperature. They can also be tumble dried, again at a low temperature.


It is worth remembering that with all materials, you should read the labels before washing. Alternatively, consulting a trusted dry cleaning company. If you’re looking for the most reliable dry cleaning and carpet cleaning Malta has to offer, Portughes dry cleaning is your answer!


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