Wedding TV Shows to Binge On: Launderette in Malta

Ah! Bells, chirping birds, flower petals, tears of joy, cake, and first dances. What’s not to love about weddings? Well, from all the last-minute changes and surprises that take place behind the scenes to dealing with emotions running high and ensuring everyone’s having a great time, planning a wedding ceremony is challenging enough without the added stress of having everything televised and watched by millions!

So whether you’re tying the knot yourself and are in need of inspiration, consolation, (or both), or if your secret guilty pleasure comes in the form of reality shows, here’s a list of wedding-related TV series for you to binge on – compiled by leading launderette in Malta!


1. Bridezillas

What makes for a highly-watchable reality show? Big, outrageous personalities, meltdowns, over-the-top reactions, tension and of course, drama! And hell hath no fury like … a bride scorned. While most women about to get married experience nerves that cause them to be a bit more emotional than usual, Bridezillas highlights what happens when those jitters morph into complete and utter irrationality – much to the dread of the unfortunate souls who have somehow found themselves involved in all this.

Forget about Angry Birds, this one’s all about Angry Brides. Here’s hoping they’re nothing like they are on the show in their real life.


2. Say Yes to The Dress

As you can probably guess from the name, this show is all about brides finding their perfect dress. Follow brides-to-be on their emotional journey of trying on a number of dresses until they find the one that brings them to tears. And in true reality show fashion, Say Yes to the Dress deals with themes such as helping brides overcome personal struggles, body image insecurities, the struggle to stay within budget and, of course, being overwhelmed by all the advice given by those closest to the bride.


3. Platinum Weddings

Platinum Weddings highlights some of the most lavish and elaborate wedding ceremonies in the world, which most of us can only dream of affording. From fantastic food to making over-the-top entrances, no wish is too extravagant, no request unattainable. Watch couples go all-out to plan the biggest – and probably most expensive – day of their lives.


4. My Fair Wedding

Watch the magic behind the madness and the madness behind the magic and come to appreciate the challenge those in charge of throwing a dream wedding face. In My Fair Wedding, wedding planner David Tutera and his talented team race against time to bring the host’s and his often-uncompromising clients’ one-of-a-kind wedding visions to life.


5. Amazing Wedding Cakes

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, appreciation for creativity and eye for detail: this one’s for you. From creating incredible gravity-defying cakes to ones designed to look like mosaics, talented pastry chefs at four different bakeries design and bake wedding cakes of dreams. Warning: all the buttercream and ganache on this show will make your stomach grumble, your teeth hurt, and likely have you running to the nearest convenience store for a Betty Crocker cake mixture!


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