What are the Steps in Auto Detailing? – Part 2

Interior Car Detailing

Most vehicle owners, who would like to do a thorough interior car cleaning, are at a loss when it comes to deciding where and how to start the entire process. Why? Well, for starters if you’re like most car owners, you might find the whole process daunting as well as tedious. As promised in our previous blog, we’ve decided to give you a run through of the different stages of our interior car detailing services.

Step #1 Getting rid of all the clutter

The trick is to start by removing all the rubbish that’s scattered all over your vehicle. The days of hoarding scattered wrappers or empty bottles of water under the seats are over. Now’s the time we get rid of all the litter, because the less mess and disorder, the easier to manage the next steps required in interior car detailing.

Step #2 The vacuuming phase

To achieve a beautiful car interior, this step is important. We make sure to use all the attachments available, to ensure that we’re able to reach all the nooks and crannies. Surprisingly, cars are filled with a collection of corners which can serve as the treasure trove of dirt and dust. We also make it a point to remember to vacuum the car seat seams, door handles, armrests and dashboard. As for the vents, we make use of a clean and dry paint brush.

Step #3 Cleaning and conditioning hard surfaces

We make sure to carefully clean and condition hard surfaces of the car which include the dashboard, glove compartment, doors, seatbelts, sideboards and the storage. We make use of a premium-quality car detailing products that not only clean, but also protect your car’s interior surfaces. To clean the hard to reach spots, we make use of an old and soft-bristled brush.

Step #4 Next comes the upholstery cleaning

The next step is to clean the upholstery: for the cloth-type upholstery, we spray the upholstery cleaner onto it. As for leather car seats, the procedure is slightly more intricate, requiring the use of spray leather cleaner and then wiping it off with leather conditioner. Silicone conditioning products are a definite no no, because they can stain your clothes.

Step #5 Let’s not forget those carpets!

Cleaning car carpets is a must when detailing your car’s interior. Mainy detailing companies opt for a steam cleaning routine. We avoid this method at all costs, because steam will only increase the accumulation of dirt inside. Moreover, the steam’s moisture will encourage the growth of moulds and fungi. Instead, we use a special machine coupled with a good vacuum and carpet clean spray. Later any residue is wiped off.

Step #6 Window cleaning should be done in the shade

To create streak-free windows, we avoid direct sunlight, which is why we start by spraying the window cleaner onto a rag or paper towel, rubbing it onto the windows to bring out the maximum shine.

Step #7 Re-vacuum… just to make sure

Because we always want to make sure we’ve done our best, we re-vacuum the interior, in case there might have been a tiny corner that might have been missed.

Keeping the interior of your car clean is not only important to maintain its quality and market value, but it’s also important for your own well-being. And while sometimes you might find that isolated slot of free time, why waste it on a chore like cleaning? Leave the job to Portughes Car Detailing, we’d be more than happy to do the job for you while you run errands or simply want to relax! For more information, click here.

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