What is the difference between a Car Wash and an Auto Detail – Part 2

In our previous blog, we explained how the method of hand washing instead of an automated system is better. All of our detailers at Portughes Car Detailing are trained on how to take care of a vehicle as if it were their own.

Proper procedures along with the right formulas mean your vehicle receives only the best treatment. The goal is to have your car, truck or van looking as great as it did when you first bought it. Every area of the car is meticulously cleaned, by hand, to ensure premium quality. Beyond simply washing, auto detailing can include elements of cleaning and restoring the exterior and interior of a vehicle such as:


  • Pre-wash snow foam
  • Two bucket-method washing
  • Towel Drying
  • Engine cleaning
  • Door sill cleaning
  • Bug and tar removal
  • Decontamination – clay bar applied
  • Hand polish
  • Glass polish
  • Glass sealant
  • Paint correction
  • Glaze
  • Synthetic sealants
  • High quality waxes


  • Vacuum all round interior and boot area
  • Window clean
  • All plastics are cleaned
  • All plastics dressed
  • Headlining clean
  • Seat cleaning – both leather and cloth seats
  • Carpets cleaned – both rubber and cloth

What if your car has already been through an automatic car wash?
Many a time, we’re able to fix those scratches before they get worse through Paint Correction. We have a variety of detailing packages to suit your individual needs.
Does your vehicle have an odour such as cigarette smoke or mould? Try our interior shampoo to restore your vehicle back to its former glory. Perhaps you’re worried about sun damage from the incredibly hot summer days? Then bring your vehicle in for a hand wash and wax sealant. This will help prevent the weather from damaging your paint along with adding a glossy shine. Maybe you’re after a simple cleaning? Then we suggest for you to try our basic package, where we detail your vehicle inside and out while still having you home in time for lunch or dinner!

If you’re looking to maintain your vehicle’s “new car” look while minimizing long-term wear and tear, auto detailing is definitely the way to go. At Portughes Car Detailing, we specialise in washing, waxing, detailing both your car’s interior and exterior. What’s more we also offer vacuuming, deep cleaning and paint correction.

We’re even able to fix those harsh scratches made by incorrectly washing your car, by means of paint correction process. Need interior shampooing and cleaning, coupled with hand wash and wax sealant? You can leave that to us too! To view our different packages click here.

And if you’re still deciding on whether you should detail your car or not, remember, we have different packages to suit everyone’s budget! For more information contact us today!

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