Workplace Hygiene: 3 Reasons Why It’s So Important

Apart from keeping germs and bacteria at bay, workplace hygiene is vital for a company’s reputation. Offices get dirty very quickly over a short period of time, so it’s important to maintain a regular cleaning and laundry routine, which includes fresh, clean towels in the bathrooms as well as clean tea towels in the kitchen or canteen area. Here are a few reasons why workplaces need to be kept spick-and-span, brought to you by the leading launderette in Malta, Portughes Dry Cleaning.


1. Hygiene Keeps your Employees Healthy!

Don’t want your workers calling in sick every other day? Then don’t give them a reason to! Substandard hygiene in a workplace can cause disease and infections to spread like wildfire, transforming your offices into something resembling a hospital’s waiting room. Make sure the toilets are kept clean and equipped with clean towels that are laundered every week. Reducing health risks is not only the ethical thing to do as an employer, it also increases everyone’s productivity and prevents them from having to be absent at their desks.


2. It – Literally – Cleans Up your Company’s Image

Hygiene can play a crucial role in the way your company is perceived by outsiders – a clean workplace ensures that visitors or potential clients leave with a good impression. Imagine a potential client using your bathroom, only to find a dirty or spoiled hand towel hanging near the sink! If you can’t even keep your office in order, clientele can easily assume that many other business affairs are also in disarray.


3. It Can Even Prevent Food Poisoning!

A recent study showed that 89% of kitchen tea towels in American workplaces tested positive for coliform bacteria, while 25.6% were found to contain E.Coli. Both these bacteria can cause food poisoning, diarrhoea and vomiting respectively – leading researchers to suggest tea towels at work be laundered at least twice a week.


Your Workplace and your Employees Deserve the Services of the Best Launderette in Malta!

Leave all your office tea and hand towels in our capable hands, and we’ll return them to you in pristine condition. We also clean staff uniforms, and cater to both offices and hair salons.  For more information about our services, contact us today or place an online booking. There’s no other launderette in Malta that compares to Portughes Dry Cleaning!


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