Wrap Up: Cosy Upholstery Fabrics For The Winter

With the chilly winter weather currently underway, many of us are busy rearranging the interior of our homes in order to create a warm sanctuary in which to hibernate during the cold snap. As the leading provider of the best upholstery cleaning Malta has to offer, the team at Portughes shares a few winter fabrics that are worth investing in, whether for your living area or your bedroom.


Vivacious Velvet

Sensuous and soft in texture, velvet is an instant crowd pleaser. It also lends a vintage feel to any space, giving off a sense of richness and luxury. Velvet also works well for focal pieces such as cushions, sofas or curtains. Neutral tones will help the fabric blend in comfortably with other furnishings, while curtains in rich blue velvet can add a sense of drama without making the room feel overly stuffy.


Get Wool Soon!

If you’re looking for a material that’s elastic, durable, natural and hard-wearing, then wool is definitely the answer. Not only is it one of the most popular winter fabrics, it’s also usually cheap and affordable without having to sacrifice quality or beauty. Wool is breathable, flexible and warm, and can be found in a wide variety of colours, patterns and textures.


The Feel of Chenille

A winning combination of the above two fabrics, chenille has a very similar texture to velvet but is woven together using wool that resembles caterpillar fur (in fact, the word chenille is French for caterpillar). Chenille lends a look that’s instantly elegant, rustic and warm to any sort of upholstery, particularly sofas or armchairs. It can also be used to create draperies, as it’s great at blocking out the harsh cold during winters.


The Joys of Jacquard

From upholstered chairs to ottomans and flowing draperies, jacquard suits various types of upholsteries, adding a feel of glamour and sophistication. Because of its durable and stretchy nature, the fabric remains intact over a long period of time. Woollen jacquard is considered the best type for winter, due to its softness and cosiness.


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