3 Reasons Why Launderettes Are Needed

The role of launderettes has certainly changed over the last few decades. For the generations that came before us, they were a true staple for every household. Today, they’ve evolved into something more; they’re a way of transforming an otherwise mundane activity into a social one, a potential money-saver for students, and a convenient service for any busy professional on the go. Let’s take a closer look at why you need a launderette in your life.

Social space

The launderette may not be the most widely known hang-out spot you’ve ever heard of, but for many it does serve as an important opportunity to socialise. Consider the elderly; many of them live alone, and their weekly trip to the local launderette could be the perfect time for them to chat and form new friendships. Isolation is unfortunately a reality for many, with older members of society being prone to it after retirement or losing a spouse. Local launderettes provide a comfortable space where they can have a cup of tea and a chat with other locals.

In today’s digital age, too many young people end up zoning out from society, tuning into their computer and phone screens instead. That weekly trip to the launderette creates a space where they, too, have to take a break from the online world and get some face-to-face interaction where they can build people skills and develop relationships.

Student life

Speaking of the younger generation – launderettes remain popular among university students the world over. Many don’t have access to their own private washing machines, meaning that they need to rely on a launderette.
This is either the university’s own launderette service, or a local one. Either way, the temporary nature of student residences means that launderette visits are a core part of their weekly tasks and university experience overall.

Convenience – and then some

As a reaction to the fact that nowadays most people do their laundry at home, many launderettes have added some fantastic extras which will no doubt come in handy for any kind of household. From ironing and folding services to dry-cleaning and minor sewing repairs to name a few bonuses, any launderette worth its salt knows how to make the trip worth your time and money.

And let’s face it – we all know how tedious and time-consuming ironing is, so this is a huge timesaver for many, whether you’re a working parent, busy business owner, or ambitious young professional.