5 Great Tips for Proper Swimwear Care

Summer is just round the corner, and for many, that means the best time of the year – swimming season! It’s sad to say goodbye to our warm and fuzzy sweaters for a few months, but it’s simultaneously exciting to bring out our favourite summer clothes and swimwear. Before you get into swimming mode, we thought we’d give you some useful tips for proper swimwear care to help you maintain your favourite swimsuits and enjoy them for longer.

Over time, due to exposure to the sun, oils, and chemicals, your swimsuits will start deteriorating – but thankfully, there are ways to stretch out their lifespan, maintain their quality, and therefore be able to really make the best of them. Check out our top swimwear care tips below:

#1 How to wash them
Whether you swim in a pool or the sea, always wash your swimsuit by hand with cold tap water and mild soap or white vinegar as soon as possible, and let it soak for about 15-20 minutes. Turn it inside out when you wash it to avoid damaging the outer fabrics, and be sure to never wash it in a washing machine because swimwear is delicate and machines and detergents are sure to cause irreparable damage to the fabrics.

#2 Before and after swimming
Try to rinse your swimsuit prior to wearing it or jumping in the water so that it would be wet from before – this helps to reduce the amount of chlorine it absorbs as it would be less porous than if it were dry.

If you’re going to sunbathe or keep your swimsuit on for a long time after swimming, try your best to at least rinse yourself with it on, and be sure to avoid harsh surfaces such as sand, concrete, and wood to help reduce potential damage.

#3 How to dry them
The best way to dry your swimwear is to let them dry naturally, either laid out flat or hanging – never wring them, put them in a tumble dryer, or leave them in direct sunlight, as all of these can damage the fabrics. After you’ve washed them, simply place them in a towel and press down on them gently to absorb the excess water, and then hang them up or lay them out neatly to prevent them from wrinkling.

#4 Removing stains
It goes without saying that it’s best to prevent stains altogether, but in the event that you accidentally get some sunscreen or other substance on your swimsuit, here’s what you need to do:
Get some baking soda or white vinegar and cover the stained area generously, allowing it to sit for one or two hours. After leaving it to soak, proceed to wash it as per the directions in tip #1.

#5 Storage
Proper swimwear care doesn’t stop at washing and drying; the way you store them also makes a difference. If you need to pack a wet swimsuit, put it in a plastic bag with holes in it and wrap the bag in a towel. Only do this if it is necessary, as it is not ideal to leave wet swimsuits bundled up for a long period of time.

When it comes to long-term storage, keep your swimwear flat on a shelf or in a lined box in a cool and dry environment to avoid any fungal growth.

So if you want to make the best of your favourite swimsuits, it’s best to practise proper swimwear care to keep them in tip-top condition, and by following these tips, we guarantee that they’ll remain in the best condition possible for a longer period of time.

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