Beneficial Reasons to Clean Your Car Regularly – Part I

Everyone loves having a nice, shiny, and fresh-smelling car. Needless to say, you need to actually clean your car thoroughly and frequently to enjoy such pleasures. Apart from it looking and smelling great, however, there are lots of other beneficial reasons to clean your car regularly. Here are some of those reasons:

Dirt damages your car
As dust and grime accumulate on the surface of your car, the paint can get stained, scratched, or damaged. Dirt can wear out the protective coat of your paint, resulting in fading of colour and stains. Over time, scratches can turn into chips if not treated and cared for, which can then become rusty. This is why you should wash your car often and not wait till it’s filthy – and be sure to give it a good polish every now and then for extra protection.

Clean = Safe
The cleaner the car, the safer you are. Dirt and debris can restrict your view through your windows and mirrors, and can also reduce the effectiveness of your car’s lights, which will not only effect how clearly you see the roads at night, but also how clearly other drivers and pedestrians can see you. So for your safety as well as others’, be sure to clean your car frequently and also check that all your lights are working.

A healthier environment
Just like you clean your house to prevent germs from spreading and to keep the place fresh, it’s equally important to clean your car’s interiors. No matter whether you keep your windows open or closed when driving, your car is a very attractive place for germs to stick around, so be sure to include the interiors when cleaning your car. Apart from being healthier, it will smell great – and who doesn’t love a nice refreshing scent?

As you can see, cleaning your car regularly is not only beneficial for the car itself, but also for you, your safety, and your health. If your car is in need of a thorough cleaning, bring it over to Portughes and see what it requires. Call us today on 7944 4460 or click here for information about our car cleaning and detailing packages.

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