Caring for your Dress Shirts

Dress shirts, especially custom-tailored ones, are an investment worth protecting. The best and most efficient way to keep them looking as good as new is to take them to Portughes Dry Cleaning regularly. However, we’ve come up with a short list of things you can do that home to ensure that your shirts are kept in top condition.

1. Before you wear a new dress shirt for the first time, have it professionally cleaned to soften the material and remove any chemicals from the fabric.

2. Put deodorant on before you put on your shirt. This prevents any perspiration or deodorant stains.

3. Use wooden hangers to hang your dress shirts. Wood hangers are sturdy and will hold their shape under heavy weights. They also prevent clothes from being hung too closely together, allowing for better air circulation.

4. Repair any damages as soon as possible. Sew on any loose buttons immediately to prevent losing them and point out any tears to Portughes Dry Cleaning so we can repair them.

5. For the best results, use a steam iron. A steamer uses hot steam to relax the fibres in clothing. Steamers are ideal for delicate items of clothing since it doesn’t actually touch the clothing-allowing for a less chance of burning the item.

Although these are a few DIY tips you can do at home, the proper way to care for your dress shirt is by regularly taking it to Portughes Dry Cleaning. You’ll be certain to get the correct service, ensuring that your shirt remains looking good as new for years to come.

Don’t have time to take your shirt to the dry cleaner? No problem! Portughes Dry Cleaning offers free pickup and delivery throughout Malta, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

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