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What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction describes the process of reviving and strengthening the paintwork of a vehicle. It involves the elimination of surface imperfections, including things like swirl marks & fine scratches, bird-dropping etching & acid rain etching, and random isolated deep scratches.

What does the process involve?

Initially, a thorough wash and decontamination of the vehicle are performed to remove any dirt, debris and tar spots. It’s important these contaminants are removed before the correction process commences, so as to avoid any damage inflicted on the surface of the vehicle. It also allows the polishing machine to move smoothly over the surface.

Polishing is usually a multi-stage process. The corrective process comprises of a small amount of clear coat or paints being removed from the surface with the use of abrasive polishes, in order to level out the surface. The majority of work is usually done with dual-action polishers to get the best level of correction.

Why get it done?

Paint correction really can make a significant difference and will remove most marks. The end result will be an amazing gloss and slickness. Done properly, it really can transform the look of a car.

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