How Often Should You Wash these 7 Household Items?

When it comes to your household linens and fabrics, it’s good to know how often they should be cleaned. Sweat, dirt and mould in general, are all things that can creep up on fabrics – especially in humid climates like the one we experience in Malta.

With so much confusion as to how often we should be washing the basics like sheets and towels, the main deciding factor is frequency of use. That’s why we’ve provided you with the below list of useful tips on how often you should wash the most common household items.

Sheets – once a week

While most of us sweat more in summer while sleeping, it’s also a good idea to choose season-suitable bedding. It would be advisable to wash sheets once a week. Perhaps in you might be able to push it to once every two weeks in cooler months, but the longer you don’t wash sheets, the more sweat, dead skin cells and body oils build up leading to smellier sheets and bedrooms!

Towels – once or twice a week

Surprisingly, bathing towels can be washed once or twice a week as long as they’re properly air-dried after use, of course. In the warmer months, it’s important to ensure you’re getting better ventilation in your bathrooms, so leave windows open and turn on fans to allow for air to circulate and dry the bathroom quickly.

Bathroom rugs – once a month

These can harbour mould, mildew and dropped debris like hair and dead skin cells. Therefore, it’s wise to launder these monthly. Laundering them will help to remove odours and the other mucky stuff caught in there.

Bras – every two to three days

As a general rule, you should wash bras by hand after two to three uses. Be sure to leave each bra a day to ‘breathe’ between wears.

Pillow cases – once a week

Like your sheets, pillow cases should also be washed weekly. It’s also worth considering using a pillow protector to keep sweat, dust mites and dead skin cells off your actual pillow.

Hand towels – weekly and one to two days

Bathroom hand towels should be washed weekly, and kitchen towels should be washed every one to two days. Remember, kitchen towels are used to dry hands, plates and clean up spills, and because of the higher bacteria content in the kitchen, it makes sense to clean these frequently to avoid cross contamination.

Curtains – annually

This task can be done during spring cleaning and generally an annual treatment is fine. However, it’s still a good idea to dust them every so often using the upholstery brush attachment of your vacuum every month or so.
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