How to Decipher Clothing Care Symbols

Have you ever looked at your clothing care labels and just found yourself staring helplessly while trying to decipher what they mean? You probably have, and you’re not alone! Having said that, there is a logical reasoning behind the seemingly random shapes, and Portughes has decided to help you understand them.

There are different categories for the symbols, and each symbol has a different instruction to guide you towards the best clothing care possible. Here’s a quick and easy explanation:

Washing Symbols
All symbols that look like a basin with water inside are instructions for washing your clothes. Any lines and dots give indications of their own – lines symbolise gentleness and dots symbolise heat. The more lines there are, the gentler the wash should be, and in the same way, the more dots, the hotter it should be. Here are the following symbol meanings:

Bleach Symbols
If your whites are looking drab and you wish to bring them back to their former glory, be sure to look out for any triangular symbols which represent instructions for bleaching. Here’s what to look out for:

Drying Symbols
When it comes to drying clothes, there is the option of either tumble drying or regular drying. All drying symbols are found in the form of a square, with tumble drying symbols having a circle inside. Just like with the washing symbols, any dots symbolise heat. Here’s what you need to remember:

Ironing Symbols
Trying to find the right heat to iron out your clothes can be tricky, which is why these symbols are so handy. The ironing ones are pretty easy to recognise as the symbol looks just like an iron, and the dots are the same as with washing and drying. Check them out:

Wringing Symbols

Some fabrics are very fragile and can be ruined when wrung. Such clothes always have this clear symbol that you should look out for before wringing:

Dry Cleaning Symbols
Certain clothes and textiles require professional care as they are too fragile to be washed by hand or washing machine. This is where you would see a circle, or in the case of items that should not be dry cleaned, a circle with a big X over it. Any further instructions such as letters within the circles or lines outside them are for professionals to know what sort of dry cleaning is required.

And there you have it… caring for your clothes will be much easier from here on out – just be sure to avoid cutting the labels off. We understand that they can be itchy, annoying, or cause irritation, but keeping at least the clothing care label on will make things easier.

If you have any clothes or textiles for dry cleaning, be sure to get in touch with Portughes today. You don’t even need to bring them to us yourself – we offer pickup and delivery services for free! Call us now on 2144 4444 for more information.

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