The Drape of Things to Come: How to Wash Curtains

There are many reasons why curtains need to be cleaned regularly in order to be kept in tip-top condition – they tend to absorb smells from around the house such as cooking aromas or cigarette smoke very easily, for one, causing them to become discoloured or give off unpleasant odours. Curtains are also known to accumulate dust, dander and pet hair, due to the fact that many of them are made of woven fabric. The team at the leading launderette in Malta, Portughes Dry Cleaning, shares a few tips on the best way of caring for your curtains.

A Simple, 5-Step Guide

Loosen the heading tape and remove all curtain weights and hooks. If you think the fabric is likely to shrink in the wash, let down the hem.
Before washing, soak the curtains in cold water, making sure that the detergent used is dissolved completely if hand-washing. Be sure not to wring or rub the material.
Use a short washing machine spin to rinse, or else, squeeze the curtains thoroughly to get rid of excess liquid.
While the curtains are still damp, iron the curtains by working length-wise on the “wrong” side. Prevent the seams from crinkling or shrivelling by stretching the fabric out slightly.
Before putting the curtains back, dust and clean the windows, sills and curtain tracks. Hang them up before they have dried completely to ensure that they drop to the right length.

Bonus Tips:

Give your curtains a regular vacuuming. Not only will this remove everyday dust and debris, but it will also stop stains from being ground into the material.
Get rid of bad smells by airing your curtains on a regular basis. Freshen them up by taking them off the rail and hanging them outside, ideally during a nice breeze.
Dry-Clean Only curtains usually come with a label stating how they should be washed – usually, these are formal or lined curtains. If you decide to wash them at home, do so very carefully at one panel at a time, using cold water and setting the machine at the gentlest cycle there is. As soon as cycle ends, remove the curtains straight away to prevent creasing or damage to the material’s appearance. Do not use a tumble dryer as this will cause the liner to shrink; instead, lay them flat to dry or hang them on a laundry line.

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