Things We Remember From Science Class

School may be a distant, hazy memory for many of you out there, so we are here help you reminisce about the good (or not-so-good) old days. As the leading launderette in Malta, we’ve seen our fair share of school uniforms and lab coats, which have inspired us to share some things we remember from science class.


A new language

From Cytokinesis and Endocytosis to Meiosis and Zygotes, the few words that still ring a bell either sound like diseases or mythical creatures, if we’re honest.


Getting physical

…crazy diagrams on the board… hair-raising static balloon experiments. That’s pretty much what people who didn’t go on to study science later in life remember from Physics lessons. There might have been a few magnets there too.


Bunsen burners

It was fun for some to burn whatever they could get their hands on while the teacher wasn’t looking, but for those with more of an anxiety predisposition, whenever chemicals and heat were involved, you were constantly waiting for that explosion to happen.



Onion cells? What onion cells? When you did finally manage to zoom in properly and saw what your classmates had been looking at for the past forty seconds, whatever lay on the glass slide looked like it belonged in outer space or in the deep sea.


Feeling fly in lab attire

You may have had no idea what you were doing, but that lab coat and goggles made you look as though you did.


Science reports

So you managed to complete the experiment without setting your eyebrows on fire or burning down the school, which can only mean one thing: – writing the inevitable report. There was definitely something about some hypothesis, then part about the methodology, which you always had to rewrite several times until it was all in the passive voice (“The plant was dissected” NOT “I dissected the plant”). And let’s be honest, most of the time you made up your own results.


Whether Biology, Chemistry or Physics, science class was meant to be serious, but generally ended up being one big party, which saw a few of you get kicked out of the lab, a fair share of mishaps, and dirty lab coats.


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