Taking Care of Your Sofa: 3 Tips to Keep Them Clean

Check out these fast and easy ways to keep your couch looking as good as new:

•      But first … Before starting with the cleaning process take a moment or two to read the manufacturer’s instructions. This is quite an important step since the instructions sheet may provide clear information on whether water can be used or not, if a special solvent cleaner is required or if the fabric can only be dry-cleaned.

•      Vacuum your sofa on a regular basis: This is good practice, recommended at least once a week. Start vacuuming the surface of it, then lift the cushion and vacuum the sofa underneath. This will keep the couch free of debris and particles that, when not cleaned often enough may cause deterioration of the fabric, even on leather and faux-leather couches.

•      Treat spots and Spills ASAP: Admit it. No one wants to take care of that sauce stain after a long day at work, however, it worths the effort. Cleaning spills and stains immediately will prevent them from setting in and becoming irreversible. Wipe them away using a piece of paper, a towel or a dry cloth. Catching stains quickly can prevent them from leaving permanent marks on the surface. If you don’t get everything out with a dry cloth, use a water-based cleaner to rub out the remaining stain.

•      Keep the cushions in good shape: Over time your couch literally changes shape with the weight and day-to-day use of it. You can slow this process by fluffing and flipping the cushions regularly, in order to redistribute the material inside. This can be done every time you lift the cushions to clean the sofa underneath.

•      Extra tip – Have your sofa professionally cleaned: There are plenty of techniques and good practices to maintain your sofa in good condition and increase its lifespan. Nonetheless, don’t forget that DIY tricks cannot compare with professional treatments, which include high-tech equipment and powerful solutions to remove dirt, dust, and stains. According to most manufacturers, it is recommended to professionally clean your sofa at least twice a year. 

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